Philadelphia City Paper Oct. 13-20, 2005
(from the cover story on Slo-mo)
…splayed against a rubbery rhythm provided by drummer Mark Schreiber, bassist Steve Demarest and dumbek master Hoagy Wing, there's a textured hominess, an odd mix of mellow country gold and fired-up funk stuck somewhere between the Middle East and Middle Earth... … Though Novelty was deliciously dirty, its live interpretation most fascinated Brenner. "Reinterpretation without emulating loops;" is how Brenner describes it, pointing out the live heft of Wing, Schreiber and Demerest. ... "Mike has this keen 'big picture,' choosing something for me to percuss on and something for me to percuss with, telling me what the song is about and his vision,' says Wing.' Then I do my thing."
– Buzz Worthy
by A. D. Amorosi

The Trend Midweek March 5, 2003
…Onstage, Delaware Valley’s favorite bearded journeyman and minister of all-things-percussion, Hoagy Wing, has become a staple of the live show. He retreats into the shadow of the piano, gently tapping a conga or providing atmosphere with the most subtle of suggestive musical backdrops…
– Julia Othmer-Getting Into Tune
by Bob Hill

Origivation November, 2003
…Origivation is helping to foster an idea that – until recently – was almost non-existent in Philadelphia…This city oozes rock & roll…Amidst all the false pretenses, just to the right of the big-top media circus, the camera zooms in on a bearded, full-bodied gent drumming away in colonial garb. The guy beneath the knickers is percussionist Hoagy Wing (Marah, Slo-Mo, Julia Othmer, etc.). As the funeral march lingers on across Independence Mall, Hoagy’s mighty snare is leading the charge. In all things –music, my friend.  Hoagy Wing gets it.
– From The Cheap Seats
by  Bob Hill


June 12, 2002 Associated Press