Slo Mo 
No Good Sister
Jason Parish
Dirk Quinn
The Roddenberries
Alfred James Band
Geoff Martin – Days Are Golden
Ten Spiders -  Sun’s Glow
MJ&H - Five for Freddy 
Matt Schwartz - Hearse of (Old) Me's
Violet – Lucky Daffodils
Jeff Raffie - Don’t Drop the Rock
Brian Seymour - A Thousand Tarzans
The Rhythm Donkeys - Freedom Ain’t Free
Mia Johnson & Hoagy – P.E. to You
Gypsophilia - Free Inside, When We Remembered You, Crazy Move the Belt (co-producer)
Deirdre Flint - The Shuffleboard Queens
Ben Arnold - In Case I’m Gone Tomorrow
Star Gazer Lily - That’s OK, I Can Sleep at Work
The Muscle Shoals Tribute CD -The Burlap Palace
Amber DeLaurentis - The Songs of Amber DeLaurentis & Sarah Blue
Butch Ross - Selected Works of Friction
The 2H Club - And the Creatures of the Night have just Begun  
Mia Johnson  -  Access   
Tara Lynne  -  Step!     
Lauren Hart  - Painted Bride           
Cory  -  Pixie-Led
Mama Kangaroos – Women of Philly Sing Captain Beefheart   
Philadelphia Fife & Drum – Let’s Go For a March